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All KOQI window system speaker model
writer:koqichina | time:2022-10-11 10:52:16

The wireless intercom system is very popular at this time to ensure the people stay safe. It is so widely used just like we wear the masks in this pandemic. We have several models for many years, it is very popular with the bosses due to the cost-effective price. Most of the window speaker systems have the adjust volume keys, voice transmission indicator, one key to mute the other side.

As we all know, because of the COVID-19, all of us in the world need to keep distance, so for the communicate window, people can’t speak directly face to face, and for some location, they have build a wall to keep distance. But this will influence the communication. So they will have to use the window intercom system.

All KOQI window intercom model picture as follow :

window intercom 6 models  800 .jpg