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KTP20 Paging System Functions and How To Use Them
writer:koqichina | time:2022-10-09 14:47:39

Restaurant Wireless Calling System Call Coaster Pager System Guest Waitting Pager Wireless Paging System with 20pcs Coaster Pagers and 1pc Call Button Keypad Transmitter for Fast Food Clinic Church Cafe Shop

1.Contains 20 pagers and 1 keyboards; Independent storage memory avoiding data lost. 
2. Each pager with led number, you can change number freedom.Number can be 001-999. You can add up to 999 pagers at most; Don't worry about business increasing .
3. Adopt advanced RF wireless technology; Working distance is about 500ft indoors, 3080ft in the open air, depends on many factors
4. Battery life depend on use frequency; Built-in external antenna and 20 batteries charging slots; Don't have to worry about the pager power problem
5. We provide 1 year warranty and 30 days no reason to return; Please use the original accessories. If the product's parts stop working within 1 year, you don't need to return them, and we will send you the replacement for free
  How it works  
 1) Guest come to the restaurant and makes his or her order.  
 2) The waiter gives each guest a pcs of pager that matches the guest ID. 
 3) When the order is ready, the waiter at the front counter will press the transmitter to alert the pager that guest hold.  

 4) Guest get the wireless signal by pager vibrating or LED flashing or DIDI with their number, and go to the counter to take his or her order.