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Industry Alliance for professional wireless communications industry to cooperation and innovation
writer:koqichina | time:2019-10-07 11:29:46

Quanzhou Koqi Electronic Co., Ltd

Market competition has boiled to the degree of danger in times of peace, today''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s enterprises must be our own capacity for a continuous self-examination and reflection. According to economists at home and abroad in recent years, research shows that: the majority of our SMEs to survive a life span of only five or eight years, and it can be achieved three decades abroad, and even half a century. Here the performance difference, it appears that the time is, in essence, the sustainability of enterprises. The ability to, first, the ability to seize opportunities, and the other is the ability of innovation and development, and innovation and development is more important than grasping the opportunity. Because it involves information, personnel, research and development, quality, price, marketing, network, market segmentation and so on.     What is enterprise? Economic animal. Enterprises should be the objective of profit maximization, as well as ways to achieve a reasonable profit, to the sustainable development of enterprises. Numerous products, we need to develop, produce, also will need funding support, if we do not have the sustainability of enterprises, have become short-lived enterprise, how can our industry development? Therefore, we only through innovation, the upgrading of the product in order to extend its life cycle in order to reap greater profits, so that our enterprises sustainability.     But the innovation of Chinese enterprises are facing three challenges:     First of all, the strength of China''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s relatively weak innovation. Little accumulation of intellectual property rights of domestic enterprises, mainly in the current R & D-oriented, foreign companies dominate the global market and global technical standards development, domestic enterprises in order to follow the development.

Second, China''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s enterprises innovative environmental conditions there is a big gap with the developed countries. Domestic factor markets was also developed to support innovation and capital market imperfections. National basic research and pre-competitive research with foreign countries there is a wide gap between the developed countries.     Third, economic globalization is increasingly deepening. Join the WTO, the extent of China''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s economic opening to the outside world continues to develop. Domestic enterprises in the domestic market is facing direct competition with foreign enterprises, as well as the existence of the use of foreign resources and foreign markets. However, the latter requires the adoption of the open innovation business model, intellectual property rights and technical standards strategy.

In short, on the one hand, domestic firms are facing an open innovation environment, on the other hand, the basis of innovation is weak, so domestic enterprises must adopt a more efficient mode of innovation in order to be successful in the market, and industry alliance is commonly used to catch up with innovation national innovation organizations form. So, for a few days ago, Shenzhen HYT Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graduate School, Harbin Institute of Technology co-lead the "Union of professional wireless communication industry", it should be said that to increase to some extent, a professional wireless communication industry to carry out the success rate of independent innovation.     First, from the internal to external co-innovation and innovation. Speed up the global technological advancement and specialization of the complex allows enterprises must look to innovative shift from internal to external, and the emergence of industry alliances for the enterprise open a channel, that is, through the complementarity between the resources and cooperation to achieve joint development of innovation, enhance the innovation space, the potential of mining innovation.Second, to reduce the risk of technological innovation to help open up the market. Industry Alliance to strengthen the communication between enterprises and linked together to resist the risk of technological innovation, create the overall brand, to form a concerted effort to participate in market competition.Furthermore Industry Alliance is the basis of industrial clusters. Industry is rich in resources but the disorder is to upgrade the industry to integrate the overall capacity of a bottleneck.

Industry Alliance and the horizontal to the maintenance of good ecological competition, vertical integration of industrial chain to industry resources, the formation of industrial clusters is an important foundation.Finally, from the point of access to government support to the surface. Before the Government''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s industry support is always for a single enterprise or a single project, to provide peer-to-peer support. Industry Alliance and the various segments of the industry chain while the business together, so that the Government of the Union in support of industry reflects the whole industry chain of support. Therefore, the emergence of industry alliances to solve the problems of government departments for many years a problem.As we all know, industry alliances, industry clusters, a major technological breakthrough, the Government is taking to support the independent innovation of the four important aspects of the road, so once the four links connected, mutually reinforcing, then believe that the professional autonomy of the wireless communications industry innovation will continue to write a new chapter!