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Nurse call light
  • Nurse call light
  • Nurse call light
  • Nurse call light
  • Nurse call light
  • Nurse call light
  • Nurse call light
  • Nurse call light
Nurse call light
  • 品牌 : KOQI/Ycall
  • 简介 : 1.Nurse call light factory price 2.Different color for different service type 3.OEM acceptable
  • Model : K-3L light
  • Dimension : 78*78*60mm
  • With 3 color : Red, Blue, Green

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Wireless Nurse Bell System is widely used in hospital;clinic ;older home and so on; . It consist of button for patient use and signal receiver for nurse or doctor use. When the  Patient needs any help, he or she just press the button , the bed number will be showed on the RECEIVER of watch or display screen with “dingdong” sound o vibration. And Room Light will be red color. So the Nurse and doctor could offer help very timely.

Corridor lights usually installed on the top of door. When somone call from room, the corridor light will keep on till it be cancelled . The passer from outside will  know have patient ( or client) need help or service from this room . Corridor light has 3 colors to show different serivce type.

K-3L light receiver specification
1. With 3 color: Red, Blue, Green
2. Different color for different service type
3. It can work with 30 transmitter in max.
4. With separate output power supply: DC5V
5. The prompting sound can be turned on/off
6. Dimension: 78*78*60mm

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