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Restaurant pager system
  • Restaurant pager system
  • Restaurant pager system
  • Restaurant pager system
  • Restaurant pager system
  • Restaurant pager system
  • Restaurant pager system
Restaurant pager system
  • 品牌 : KOQI/Ycall
  • 简介 : 1.Restaurant pager system factory price 2.OEM acceptable 3.can avoid to stand long queue
  • Model : K-TP20 digit top

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Coaster pager system is mainly used in fast food restaurant, self-service reataurant, hospital, office and so on where there are a lot of customers waiting for their service.
This system consist of a transmitter for the caller and a receiver for the one who will be called.
When the callers are ready for offering service, just press the number on the keypad to send an ID to the pager.
And the people hold the pager will know the information that the dishes are ready to be offered and take it at earlier time.

How it works

1) Guest come to the restaurant and makes their order. 
2) The waiter gives each guest a pager that matches the guest ID.
3) When the order is ready, waiter at the front of counter will press the transmitter to alert the pager that guest hold. 
4) Guest get the wireless signal by pager vibrating or LED flashing or DIDI with his or her number, and go to the counter to take their order.

How to work .png

Specification of K-TP20 pager system:

One set include 1 keyboard and 20pagers
---Keypad Transmitter---

Show 4-digit number: first number is area number, last 3 digit is guest number
Can set different partition from A, b, c, d, E, 0-9
Can work with 999pcs pagers in max
Size: 31*8*4cm
Color: Black
Output: DC7.5V
---Pager Receiver---
Shell Material: High-quality polycarbonate
Power: Built-in 3.7V polymer lithium battery
Pager size: 10.5*5*1.7cm---Top
Pager size: 10.5*5*1cm---Front
Prompt mode: Sound, Vibration, Flicker
Color: Dark red
Low power Prompt: Yes, will show "LLL"
Can hang on the neck

Advantage to Customer
1 Customers can call a waiter when they are ready to order.
2 Build a quiet, comfortable environment for customers.
3 Waiters will have more time to do other things.
4 Table calling system will avoid waiter interruption during private moments.
5 The customers don’t need to look around, wave his hands or shout to get the waiter's attention.
6 The customers can easily call the waiter to place initial order, during the course of the meal for more food, drinks, bread, butter, wine, dessert, coffee, bill, etc.
7 The novelty will surely attract new customers and will delight your existing clients.
8 Avoid disturb other customers while calling waiter.

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