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Bank queue system button
  • Bank queue system button
  • Bank queue system button
  • Bank queue system button
  • Bank queue system button
  • Bank queue system button
Bank queue system button
  • 品牌 : KOQI/Ycall
  • 简介 : 1.Bank queue system button factory price 2.OEM acceptable 3. can avoid to stand in long queue
  • Model : K-GSN3
  • Button size : 110*55*30mm
  • Button key : LAST, RECALL, NEXT
  • Advantage : can avoid to stand in a long queue

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How Queue Management System works?
1. Customer go to the Service station and take a number ticket by Thermal printer.
2. Customer wait for their service.
3. When it is their turn, the counter worker will press the "Next" transmitter to call.
4. The customer's number will show on the display screen with prompt sound, so that customer know which counter they should attend.

Ultra-thin button
Signal Distance: 200M in open area    
Material: Acrylic+waterproof silicone 
Dimension: 110*55*30mm  
Color: Transparent with Black/Silver screen
With two 12V 23A battery

1 Applications: Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Fast food Chain, Food Court, KTV, Pub, Service Centre, Clinic, Supermarket.Provides fair, organized, efficient customer service 

2 Advantage: can avoid to stand in a long queue

3. Display can be wall intalled or desktop style.and can dingdong beeper or promot english voice to announce number change.
4.Great for government offices, pharmacies, retail, patient waiting areas and anywhere waiting line flow can be improved
5.Eliminates waiting lines. Customers can browse and/or relax without fear of losing their place in line

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