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Pager Call System Wrist pager
  • Pager Call System Wrist pager
Pager Call System Wrist pager
  • 品牌 : Ycall
  • 简介 : 1.Pager Call System Wrist pager accept OEM 2. watch pager can show 3 group call number in one time 3.hang on the neck
  • Specification model : K-400
  • size : 65*44*19mm
  • Name : Pager Call System Wrist pager

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How does the system work?

1. If your customers require service, all they need to do is to press the button sittled on their table to inform the waiters/waitresses.

2. When the customers press the call button on their table, their table number will appear on the reciever with ringing. Waiters /waitresses then head for the table to take the order of the customers promptly and quickly.


What are the benefits of Wireless Calling System?

Reducing Staff Costs

Enhancing the Dining Experience

Greater Front of House Efficiency

Increased Revenue

Restarant calling system K-2000C+K-650+K-H4+K-SP  .jpg

Hang on the neck

1. Can work with 500pcs multi-key transmitter in max

2. Can show 3 group call number in one time 

3. Show 4-digit number from 0001-9999 and first alphabet can be A-Z

4. Can indicate different service type via words or alphabet. 

    ( call; bill; drink; dessert; help etc and A-Z)

5. Can record when the calling come in and count the call times of each number 

6. Can track the history of calling info by up and down

7. Show current time when stand-by

8. 3 reminder ways: sound prompt and vibration or both 

9. Battery is rechargeable: 3.7V Lithuim battery

10. Dimension: 70*42*16mm

11. Color: Red and Black

12. Output: DC5V--1A