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Signal Repeater K-R
  • Signal Repeater K-R
Signal Repeater K-R
  • 简介 : Signal Repeater K-R for Wireless Calling System
  • Specification model : K-R
  • manufacturer : KOQI

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Signal Repeater K-R for Wireless Calling System

Specification of Signal Repeater K-R
Color: Black
Decode : Learning code  
Working current : <10mA
Working voltage: DC 12V
Working band: 433.92MHz
Remote distance: 1000m ( no obstructions )
Operating Temperature: -30~+80°C
Receive sensitivity: -108dbm
Communication: Wireless
Responding speed: <1s

1. Signal enhancer use to enhance the signal further for model receiver and transmitter, when situation over 2000-3000metres between receiver and transmitter or wall obstacle between them.
2. The better place to be installed is in the open area or the linear distance between the receiver and the transmitter.
3. The installation of the signal enhancer is very simple and no signal line is needed.
4. When the site is very large (more than 2,000 square meters usually) or the signal is severely shielded in the uilding, several signal enhancers can be adopted to realize the no-blind coverage. Furthermore, the signal relaying function of the signal enhancer can ensure the clients with large sites to use the wireless call system swimmingly.