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16 channel telephone recorder
  • 16 channel telephone recorder
16 channel telephone recorder
  • Specification model : KQ-U16

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16-channel USB telephone record box, 16-channel digital telephone record box,

16-channel telephone record box

Link it up to the computer via USB port and then simultaneous control of 16-channel recording and customer management can be realized with one computer. It can identify the telephone numbers of incoming/outgoing calls, conversation time and talk time. The software highlights the function such as pop-up for incoming call, automatic recording of conversation, customer management, phone tap etc. The software performance outdistances congeneric products--not just recording. The latest operating system such as Vista and Windows7 are supported. The overlaying utilization is supported to multiply the lines to be recorded.

The following functions could be achieved in coordination with complimentary enterprise edition software:
1. The problems in relation to caller ID display and outbound caller ID have been solved totally and the system can be operated normally in operating systems such as Windows 95/98/Me/2000/Xp/2003 etc. The receiving accuracy of telephone numbers has reached up to over 99% and FSK-DTMF systems are supported.
2. Powerful CRM customer management function. The caller ID will be popped up in case of incoming call and the telephone number of the caller ID would be voice-broadcasted simultaneously. In addition, it will pop up automatically other information of the customers previously saved and display the history of incoming calls and memos in the past.
3. Perfect recording system. The audio files are saved as the WAV format with nice acoustic fidelity and occupy very small disk space. For instance, recording 8 hours per day and one 40G hard drive can hold the recoding files for nearly one year.
4. Data import and export is convenient and efficient. It is very convenient to import the customer information from Microsoft Outlook,Outlook Express and Excel directly to system database. Similarly, the data in the system database can be exported directly.
5. Popping-up for incoming call. It will pop-up the screen automatically when the incoming call arrives and the customer information will be reflected on your computer screen intuitively.
6. Powerful printing capability for information of caller ID. You can print popped-up information, and the printing paper and the size can be selected.
7. Diverse query methods for recording contents. The recording contents can be queried subject to telephone number of the caller, name, call time, recording duration and incoming/outgoing calls, person who answered etc. You can remark, backup and delete each recoding file; you can also trail playing each recoding file or playback several recoding files in a row.
8. Comprehensive file backup and database backup. It is provided with database backup and database recovery to ensure the security of customer information.
9. Recoding will be started automatically in case of off-hook and the recoding will be stopped automatically in case of hang up.
10. You can set up the startup option with the minimized way to record unknowingly.
11. The recoding files could be backed up to the hard drive or designated mail box and ftp—totally automatically. The voice records could be sent to designated mail box or ftp (transmitted secretly in the background).
12. The format of the recoding files is WINDOWS WAV, which can be played by media player of WINDOWS.
13. The telephone numbers of outgoing and incoming calls can be detected completely.
14. Direction determination. It can determine the call direction, i.e., incoming or outgoing call.
15. Hide and recover with shortcut keys.
16. The customer information displayed in the pop-up screen for incoming calls can be set flexibly according to your needs. For example the “home telephone number” in the incoming call option can be changed to “alternate telephone number”, which is convenient to use in different situations.
17. The system has high-resistance parallel connection with telephone line port and every channel will not be interfered with each, which has no influence on connection quality.
18. Provided with function such as local monitoring, query and statistics etc.
19. Provided with the options for recording, involving key control, voltage control and voice-control etc.
20. The software could be configured as automatic execution when startup in order to record details during the conversation automatically, including: caller ID, outbound caller ID, conversation time, content of the conversation etc.
21. Keep synchronous actions with the telephone, including real-time recording, auto save to the hard drive and automatic backup the recording files.
22. Configurable function authority for the operators, including monitoring, query, delete, statistics or set up one or some lines to be monitored and queried etc.
23. Humanized design. You can determine whether or not to pop up and broadcast the telephone number of the caller just by selecting some options.
24. You can set some exceptional telephone numbers which are not involved in recording, and there are options for only recording outgoing numbers or only recording incoming numbers. It is very flexible to designate time interval for recording.
25. Provided with monitoring function which can switch over lines to be monitored conveniently.
26. When the recording fills in the hard drive are full, the system will loop the recording automatically and the user can set up the limit of critical alarm manually. When the volume of the system drive has reached the critical alarm value, the system will prompt “insufficient disk space” automatically.
27. Strong confidentiality. You cannot log in the recording system software for searching and retrieving operations normally without permission.
28. You can set up designated web pages to be popped up in case of incoming calls and add the numbers in the designated connections.