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Waistband Teahcer Voice Amplifier
  • Waistband Teahcer Voice Amplifier
Waistband Teahcer Voice Amplifier
  • 简介 : Perfect for teacher, trainer or presenter who needs a moderate improvement in sound coverage and voice clarity.
  • Specification model : KU-908
  • Power output : 25W
  • Charger Voltage : 12V 450mA

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1. Portable size and  weight
2. Easy to  operate
3. Can make your sounds more  louder
4. Can work with MP3, MP4, and  USB

5. FM Radio

6.Digital Display Function
7. Low power  consumption.
8. Long battery life, long durable  time up to 12-15 hours when the battery charge  completed
9. Loudspeaker enclosure is ABS  material, case with strap, can be worn at the  waist.
10. Suitable for teaching, tour  guiding, sales promotion, and speech, etc.

Package including
1 *  Voice Amplifier
1 *  Microphone
1 *  Strap
1 *  Power Adapter
1 *  User’s Manual

Data  Sheet

Power  output


Charger  Voltage

12V  450mA

Product  Weight


Mic  directivity

Single  direction

Frequency  response


Power Supply  

Lithium-ion Polymer  7.4V

Product  Dimention


Mic  Sensibility


Perfect for teacher,  trainer or presenter  who needs a moderate improvement in sound coverage and voice  clarity.

Maybe  you're a teacher, lecturer, exercise instructor or presenter. You are looking  for a high quality material waistband  voice amplifier. Students will hear of you clearly. Come on! We  will give you a satisfied portable megaphone and your throat is no longer afflicted. This waistband  portable voice amplifier gives you the freedom to move around your stage or  classroom at your will with no  leads or cords  attaching you to one point. Portable voice amplifier features  high-strength ABS  plastic. Combined with application of electronic technology,  this portable voice amplifier shows excellent sound and whistle suppression. Broadband sound quality speakers, sound quality has improved  significantly. Specific hardware  protection circuit makes the loudspeaker is not easy to be  destroyed. Sound coverage area reaches to 400 square meters and the voice is  very loud. Please try  this portable voice amplifier! This portable voice amplifier will be your  good partner. Of course  you can buy it for your friends as a gift. They also will love  it.