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Why did you choose Ycall bank counter window intercom
writer:koqichina | time:2022-10-13 08:53:52

KOQI LIMITED is established in 2000, is a professional manufacturer engaged in research, development, production and is located in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. The Scientific Management, Exquisite Technology, Strict Quality Control, and Thoughtful Service are our core advantages.
Our main product lines include:1) Wireless calling system used for restaurant, tea house, KTV, hotels, casino ,dessert shop , food truck, company , bar , chess room , workshop, work site , exhibition , job fair and cafe etc, 2) Window intercom kits for service window, such as bank,hospital,office and toll station etc.3)Nurse calling system for hospital,church nursery,clinic,nursing home,personal care etc.4)Two way radio , 5)Cordless Telephone, 6)Telephone recorder etc And our company products have passed CE,FCC,ROHS Certificates.They are selling well in many countries and regions around the world, such as Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, India and France etc. We can also accept OEM orders as well.

The wireless intercom system is very popular at this time to ensure the people stay safe. It is so widely used just like we wear the masks in this pandemic. We have several models for many years, it is very popular with the bosses due to the cost-effective price. Most of the window speaker systems have the adjust volume keys, voice transmission indicator, one key to mute the other side.

Why Use Ycall glass window intercom ?
Today, I am gonna show the top 3 good features of bank counter window intercom .
1.Dual-way window counter intercom can make your customers able to talk with staff easily.
If customers can’t easily communicate through safety screens with staff, the impact on your business could be severe; customers who struggle to communicate easily and clearly through these screens may choose other providers. High-quality service is therefore key to encouraging engagement and return visits.
2.Easy installation ,there is only one wire for connecting master station and substation,the volume of internal and external can be adjusted by separately.
1)Install the Mic in the workshop and the speaker outside, connecting the
cable of the speaker on the base of the Mic. It is using a 4 core high-
strength aluminum foil shielded wire, which has high quality. The substation of window intercom , you need to stock it on the glass, there will be stickers in the parcel.
2)Connect the power as DV.12V on the base of the Mic in the workshop.
3) Put the button as "on"  and the light of power will red.
4)The ticket counter window intercom is a Dual-way counter interphone, so both of the staff and customers will hear the other side talk. There is also 2 green light to prompt whether it isworking properly. If it works well, the green light will light.
5) The staff can silent the customer using one key O-Shut. Only the staff can talk after pressing the key.|
6) Adjust the buttons by rotating the switch, which shows "- +" on both side of the key
3.Keep the safe distance
Keep a safe distance is very important in the pandemic, so the window counter intercom is needed to keep the distance between the staff and the customer. There are glasses or walls between them. This window intercom system can protect people well.

The development of our window speaker is always based on our clients' needs for requirements. So if you need our help, pls feel free to contact me at

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